Stockage Hydrogen

Storage axis

Axis managers


Large capacity storage facilities in terms of weight and volume, combining high energy efficiency, safety and competitive price.

Main research areas

  • Reversible solid storage at room temperature in metal and complex hydrides
  • Solid storage in porous and hybrid materials with high specific surface area
  • Regenerable hydrides with high weight capacity, hydrogen generation by thermolysis and hydrolysis, regeneration processes
  • Liquid hydrogen storage: cryogenic hydrogen and new hydrogen carriers NH3 and LOHC
  • Conformability and thermomechanical resistance of high-pressure tanks
  • Modelling of materials and storage tanks
  • Catalysts for hydrogen generation and incorporation
  • Decrease of critical raw material content, recycling processes
  • Optimisation of energy efficiency in the direct coupling of the electrolyser and the fuel cell

Involved laboratories

  • FEMTO ST (UMR6174-Belfort) 

  • ICMCB (UMR5026-Bordeaux)

  • ICMPE (UMR7182-Thiais)

  • IEM (UMR5635- Montpellier)

  • IJL (UMR7198-Nancy)

  • LAPLACE (UMR5213-Toulouse)

  • LRCS (UMR7314-Amiens)

  • NEEL (UPR2940-Grenoble)

  • PPRIME (UPR3346-Poitiers)