Stationary axis

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Increasing he lifetime of PEMFC and SOFC cells and stacks, particularly in the operation under carbonaceous fuels (CO-containing hydrogen and biogas with many impurities, respectively).

Main research areas for SOFC:

  • Integration of innovative materials in cells (proton-conducting ceramics) allowing the decrease of the operating temperature
  • Improvements: design, barrier layers for stability
  • Improvements and breakthroughs in high temperature gas purification
  • Discovering innovative materials stable under H2S

Main research areas for PEMFC:

  • Decrease of critical materials to decrease the cost of the system
  • Development of Innovative materials as catalysts, solid electrolyte and bipolar plates
  • Increase of the cell electrical performance (power density)
  • Increase of the durability (> 90000 hours) and reliability of the system
  • Design, assembling and management of the stack

Involved laboratories

  • CIRIMAT (UMR5085 -Toulouse)
  • ENERGY-Lab (EA4079-La Réunion)
  • FEMTO ST (UMR6174-Belfort)
  • GREMI (UMR7344 -Orléans)
  • IC2MP (UMR7285-Poitiers)
  • ICG (UMR5253-Montpellier)
  • ICMCB (UMR5026-Bordeaux)
  • ICPEES (UMR7515 -Strasbourg)
  • IEM (UMR5635- Montpellier)
  • IJL (UMR7198-Nancy)
  • IMN (UMR6502-Nantes)
  • IRCER (UMR6638-Limoges)
  • IRCP(UMR8247-Paris)
  • IREENA (EA4642-St Nazaire)
  • ISCR (UMR6226-Rennes)
  • LAPLACE (UMR5213-Toulouse)
  • LEMTA (UMR7563-Nancy)
  • LEPMI (UMR5279-Grenoble)
  • LGF (UMR5307-St Etienne)
  • LTeN (UMR6607-Nantes)
  • PPRIME (UPR3346-Poitiers)
  • SPE (UMR6134-Corse)
  • SPMS (UMR8580-Paris)
  • UCCS (UMR8181-Lille)