The French National Research Network on Hydrogen Energy

The French National Research Network on Hydrogen Energy (FRH2) brings together 30 laboratories with 300 well known researchers (CNRS researchers, faculty members and engineers) actively involved in the hydrogen sector. This network allows synergy benefits and states the key position held by the CNRS regarding R&D on an international level.

The objective of the FRH2 Network is to federate and coordinate the research for the production of hydrogen by electrolysis, its purification and storage. It’s also aiming at designing complete processes, from hydrogen production to its use as a fuel through fuel cells. It mainly concentrates the effort to support the industrial sector in order to increase the durability of cells or systems, their performance and to reduce theirs cost.


The FRH2 Network is organised into four main technical areas, the production of hydrogen, its storage and its conversion into electricity for mobile and stationary use, and around two cross-cutting thematic areas, training and technological resources.

4 technical areas


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2 cross-cutting thematic areas

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