Technical platforms

With 30 research laboratories, the FRH2 network brings together a wide range of skills and equipment covering the entire hydrogen value chain (from production to use) and the entire hydrogen technology development chain (from materials to systems). All of this is available to academic and industrial research centers. There are 4 main categories of equipment and know-how:


  • Hydrogen storage, catalysts, electrodes, electrolyte, interconnectors, etc.
  • Synthesis
  • Shaping
  • Physical, chemical and electrochemical characterisation, etc.

From the unit cell to systems

  • Cell shaping and production
  • Physical-electrochemical characterisation
  • Cell stacking
  • Systems
  • Performance


Numerical simulation at different scales:

  • Modelling of materials and reactions (CALPHAD, DFT, IA, PDF, MD, etc.)
  • Electrical, electrochemical, fluidic, thermal and mechanical modelling

In situ / operando analyses

Monitoring of physico-chemical characteristics using various techniques (X-ray, Neutrons, FTIR, DEMS, ICP-MS, Raman, XPS, IR, etc.) under chemical, thermal and/or electrical stress and/or during the cell operating or the hydrogen storing processes.