Mobility axis

Axis managers

Main research areas

  • New stack technologies with higher operating temperatures (95°C, 110°C)
  • Improvement of the component stability and improvement of the tolerance to impurities in air and hydrogen (new, more corrosion-resistant substrates and very high dimensional stability membranes)
  • Decreasing Pt quantity (<0.1 g/kW)
  • New materials: catalysts without noble metals, catalysts with smaller Pt content but enhanced activity, new polymer electrolyte membrane (cheaper and more eco-friendly than the current PFSA)
  • Optimization of electrical performance and durability: prognosis of the systems’ lifetime
  • Valorization of energy flows (electrical, thermal, fluidic, etc.)
  • Hybridization with batteries and/or supercapacitors

Involved laboratories

  • ENERGY-Lab (EA4079-La Réunion)
  • FEMTO ST (UMR6174-Belfort)
  • GREMI (UMR7344 -Orléans)
  • IC2MP (UMR7285-Poitiers)
  • ICG (UMR5253-Montpellier)
  • ICPEES (UMR7515 -Strasbourg)
  • IEM (UMR5635- Montpellier)
  • IJL (UMR7198-Nancy)
  • IREENA (EA4642-St Nazaire)
  • LAPLACE (UMR5213-Toulouse)
  • LEMTA (UMR7563-Nancy)
  • LEPMI (UMR5279-Grenoble)
  • LTeN (UMR6607-Nantes)
  • PPRIME (UPR3346-Poitiers)
  • SPE (UMR6134-Corse)