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Increasing the current density and the H2 outlet pressure of the electrolysers, decreasing their cost, improving their lifetime

Main research areas

  • Improvement of the cell shaping processes, choice of new interconnector materials (SOEC)
  • Decrease of the nickel content through the integration of nanoparticles (SOEC)
  • New architectures: design, barrier layers (SOEC)
  • Decrease of the cell voltage while increasing the current density (PEMEC)
  • Development of very large surface cells (PEMEC)
  • Accelerated tests
  • Modelling of ageing (stack and auxiliaries)
  • Diagnosis of State of Health
  • Purification and (electrochemical) compression tests in multi-physical use cycles, over long periods or in accelerated tests

Clean hydrogen generation through the electrocatalytic oxidation of ethanol in a proton exchange membrane electrolysis cell (PEMEC).

Involved laboratories

  • CIRIMAT (UMR5085 -Toulouse)
  • FEMTO ST (UMR6174-Belfort)
  • IC2MP (UMR7285-Poitiers)
  • ICG (UMR5253-Montpellier)
  • ICMCB (UMR5026-Bordeaux)
  • ICMMO (UMR8182-Orsay)
  • ICPEES (UMR7515 -Strasbourg)
  • IEM (UMR5635- Montpellier)
  • IJL (UMR7198-Nancy)
  • IMN (UMR6502-Nantes)
  • IRCER (UMR6638-Limoges)
  • IRCP(UMR8247-Paris)
  • ISCR (UMR6226-Rennes)
  • LAPLACE (UMR5213-Toulouse)
  • LEMTA (UMR7563-Nancy)
  • LEPMI (UMR5279-Grenoble)
  • LGF (UMR5307-St Etienne)
  • SPE (UMR6134-Corse)
  • SPMS (UMR8580-Paris)
  • UCCS (UMR8181-Lille)